Map Your River is a leadership prep course wherein young women discuss and explore best practices in 3 main life areas - Career, Relationships and Health.  Participants create personal tools and checklists to maximize future anticipated decision points.  Guided examination of existing resources paired with review of patterns in behavior and forms of speech, allow for personal reflection and growth.

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Fix Your Bucket is designed to provide women a safe space to speak openly and freely about the experience of their personal metamorphoses.  Through workshops, personal coaching and with the aid of flower essence therapies, we work together to help you access your evolved self.

Share Your Water encourages women to identify and move closer to their flow of abundance.  By identifying our individual "flows of abundance" we also acknowledge our personal value and interpersonal worth. The discussion encourages examination of our relationship to abundance, and how we create it, as well as identifies self-purpose driven success criteria and timelines.

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