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Is designed to provide women a safe space to speak openly and differently about experience of their metamorphosis.  When our emotional container can only be half filled, where does the lack show up?  How do we ensure that our emotional needs are met? What is the color/feeling/shape of our stress? What in our lives is calling for the most attention? When does our evolution begin? 
Using either stand alone Coaching or ideally with customized Flower Essence therapies, you will access, engage and learn to trust your intuitive wisdom.
Flower Essences are homeopathically prepared decoctions of a flower's energy resonance that are taken internally to resolve your energy dissonance eg Procrastination, Anger, Self-Love, Abundance etc.  Each coaching session focuses on a specific growth area for you with either custom formulas of specific flowers or trusted standards, you to move at your own pace.


"I have never acknowledged or celebrated my accomplishments or progress until I started speaking them out loud during my flower essence sessions and it feels good and I am impressed hearing it!
Thank you, sister/friend/healer.